By mollyblobs

Birch Bolete

A more local walk today. I parked at Thorpe Wood and walked through the wood and down into Ferry Meadows, where I was hoping to find some waxcaps in an area of infertile, sandy grassland at Roman Point. In the end I photographed three species - Blackening Waxcap, Buter Waxcap and a third that I can't name confidently. There were also a range of rather less distinctive grassland species that await identification (or not!)

I was also surprised to see a number of other fungi associated with the fringe of trees along the lake edge. The most magnificent of these was Birch Bolete. It can hardly be called beautiful, with its battered leathery brown cap and scaberulous stipe, but I've never seen it before at this location. It was accompanied by several other tree-associated fungi including Purple Brittlegill, Brown Roll-rim and Poisonpie - all doing very well considering how limited the available habitat it.

On my way back through Thorpe Wood I was surprised to see a group of Magpie Inkcap, which I've never seen there before, despite having walked round regularly for over twenty-five years. This species is usually associated with Beech, but that isn't present and they were growing close to a Pedunculate Oak. The Wildlife Trust have cleared back some of the bramble along the path, so its possible they've been there in previous years, but have been hidden by the vegetation. Always something new to find!

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