By mollyblobs

Faerie fungus

Talpa described yesterday's fungus as  'a bruiser' - today's offering is its polar opposite - tiny and delicate, a faerie parasol. A scattered grove of these had sprung up on our lawn overnight. Each fruiting body only lasts for 24 hours, but tomorrow there'll probably be a fresh crop. It's taken me some time to name it, but I think it's Parasola leiocephala - which translates as the yellow-headed parasol.

The photograph was taken in a brief lunch break between a morning Zoom meeting with Peterborough City Council to discuss road verge management and an afternoon meeting round a (socially-distanced) table discussing ideas for inclusion in a five-year strategy for the Langdyke Trust. It was really good to meet people face to face, and it felt quite safe as we had all the doors and windows of the cabin open - lots of ventilation! Thankfully it was a mild and sunny afternoon.

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