By Freyjad

A walk around the cemetery.....

I went here to blip the very nice mortuary chapel which I've blipped before on occasion but today I much preferred this shot with the nice Autumn colour.  I've been waiting for the leaves to change colour and now they have there's a fairly strong wind  blowing so I don't expect they're going to last all that long.

Jack finally got a telephone call from the optician to say that his new spectacles were ready to collect, it will have been exactly 4 weeks since he ordered them.  At the time he knew they would be longer than usual (due to Covid), but because he wanted a particular brand and material he was prepared to wait.  His last pair were broken when he slipped on the kitchen floor  -  luckily it was only the glasses that were damaged.

Thank you for the kind response to yesterday's blip, it's very much appreciated.

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