By Freyjad

WidWed - Close/Tight

I've blipped this place before but it holds a certain fascination for me and I keep going back.  I'm drawn to the reds and ochres in the old stone and brick. -   I love their warm rich tones.  I'd wanted to get more of a walk done today but it's been damp and drizzly, the kind of rain which somehow soaks you through and through.  
We decided to go out for lunch to cheer ourselves up as in the present circumstances we don't know when our freedoms may be further curtailed so we thought we'd dine out while we could.

I hope you're all keeping safe and sane in these difficult times;  I own up to having a bit of a grumble from time to time but I'm the first to admit that compared to many we're really very fortunate indeed.  Take care, and thank you for visiting my journal.

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