Keith B

By keibr

Recycling Centre

One of the events of the day was getting rid of a little more rubbish form the summer's building projects. We were in town anyway for our "film studio with friends" projects, and Jan was doing a little political work while I was taking this behind-the-scenes picture.
I always have slightly mixed feelings when I visit the recycling centre. On the one hand it is excellent that so little goes to landfill, but on the other hand I worry that so much usable stuff is discarded. In the middle of this "metal scrap" bin is a shelf to go in the hall, with hooks to hang your coats up and the shelf for hats, gloves etc. It's from an internationally well-known Swedish furniture store and looks to be in perfect condition. Whoever threw it into the bin had driven past the entry building where you can take in anything that could actually be reused by someone else. Strange!
My rubbish was ancient fibre board in small bits, and wood-chips (into the burnable bin), and old impregnated wood (a special bin for this wood that produces arsenic fumes and suchlike when burned.)
At Rose's we watched "The trial of the Chicargo Seven". We enjoyed it, and learned a little American history, but the computers came on when we got home so we could find out the reality behind the film.
Naturally it was a sanitized version of reality but still a good effort and well worth seeing.

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