A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Brace Yourself

This Pine Siskin looked at me as if to say “What? Doesn’t everyone eat like this?” Certainly not, I was thinking to myself. I was quite pleased with the results of placing seeds on top of two feeders with flat tops. Within minutes I had chickadees, nuthatches and siskins indulging in their favorite black oil sunflower seeds, plus a blip • What a busy outdoor day we’ve had, and the biggest difference was the glorious warm sunshine on our backs and faces while we worked (played, really). We harvested five rather sad rutabagas that were either undersized or showed signs of insect damage. Normally, I would save them for Thanksgiving but these will be cooked up over the next couple of days. Our growing season is officially over • While Mrs.P composted rutabaga leaves and cleaned flower pots for storage, I trimmed all of the perennials. It’s a satisfying annual ritual to close out one season in preparation for the next. That’s why I also added a few stakes around the driveway to assist our “snowplow guy” this winter. We’ll finish that job tomorrow • Tonight’s the last Presidential Debate. Since these debates are meant to involve two adults discussing various topics such as covid-19, the economy, immigration, domestic and foreign policies, accomplishments, vision for America, I’ve opted not to watch it but will read the “highlights” tomorrow.

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