A forest of fungus

Quite near where I live a forest of ink cap fungus has appeared. It's like a mini city of mushrooms just growing in the grass by the side of a fairly busy road. I know they're not uncommon at all and I've seen them growing locally many times. But not in this spot and not in such profusion. I noticed them yesterday and, because I reckon they decay quickly, I made up my mind to get a blip early this morning. Perfect weather for fungus - mild and damp.

The forecast for today isn't brilliant so I'm resigned to a day in the house. I've got plenty to do. I need to stay in over lunchtime anyway as the local icecream will be delivered. Cinnamon biscoff this week - made gf for me. This means no biscoff so really cinnamon and caramel. I can live with that.

We've been advised to prepare for a 'digital Christmas' by the National Clinical Director. I've no idea why (some) people are so outraged and astonished. Surely it's been clear for weeks that things are going to be different.

Wishing everyone a good weekend.

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