Light through trees. Sutton Park.

I took this yesterday on my walk home from the dentist’s. (The little problem was soon capably sorted).
The late afternoon light was so beautiful picking out the glorious autumn colours of the foliage.
A feast to the eyes wherever you turned.
As the weather is once again in a changeable pattern with heavy rain predicted to sweep through on Saturday, with a fairly dull damp morning here right now, I just decided to post the photo instead of taking one today, when neither of us are going anywhere in particular.
Household tasks are the order of the day and planning for our self isolation from Monday till Stephen goes into hospital next Thursday morning at 7.30a.m.
Our internet shop will arrive at lunchtime, the washing will be sorted and bed changed. He’s decided to go into the spare back bedroom after his operation. He did that before after his two week stay in February. It’s next to the bathroom.
We both feel as if we are marking time.
I have a call with my sister this morning, who lives up in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.
Then the last few pages of my French novel to finish, followed by continuing with a book I am making for the grandchildren. It was sent to me by our daughter-in-law awhile back.
It’s called “Grandma. From me to you” and is hard-backed with each of the pages having a title like “What was your earliest memory”
Or “What can you tell me about your mother’s family?”
It builds up a comprehensive picture of mine and Stephen’s family histories with special pages for sticking photos as well.
I am quite enjoying hunting around all our old photos and sticking some inside. I have scanned most of our very old family ones over the years, so already have them saved on an extension hard-drive. (If that is still its title!).
I also have some new watercolour paints so have a project in mind, once I have managed to finish planting the last of the bulbs outside, and on the fine days more tidying out in the garden!
Time to move.
I’m behind on comments again!

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