By Veronica

Autumn colours take two

Take one. And an alternative in extras. It's been a long while since I blipped a pylon ... admittedly it's not the main feature here.

The sunshine arrived a day early, so after lunch (takeaway from the new-to-us Vietnamese in Fabrezan) I went for a walk -- a bit further than intended as my attempted short cuts across vines turned out not to be so short when taking uncrossable ditches into account. The pylons are useful navigation aids in these circumstances. I saw a kestrel hunting, but it was too fast and too far away to photograph as other than a vague bird shape. My best effort in extra 2.

Yesterday evening we watched another Billy Wilder film, Double Indemnity. I continue to be surprised at the number of classic films I've failed to see earlier. It was a good film noir, but The Apartment is still my favourite of his.

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