By Photogen

Louise and her Dad

This dual portrait of Louise and her father captures a phenomenon that's becoming increasing common - longevity! More and more of us still have a parent alive as we ourselves reach what is sometimes called the 'Third Age'. I hesitate to call it 'retirement age' because no one in the UK is now forced to retire on grounds of age alone, and we have new models of active ageing to inspire us. Our attitudes powerfully shape our lives and ageist attitudes in society can make us think we are too old to do this that or the next thing, when this is just a belief - not a reality.

Louise's Dad enjoyed a full and active life running his business in a small community where he got to know everyone - and still can reel off names and tell very colourful stories. He balanced his working life with his interest in golf which he has only given up very recently. He has always kept himself slim and trim. Now a widower in his nineties he lives in his own very trig home and gets around by car, and likes nothing better than to connect up with people. Yes, he's not as fit as he would like to be but his outlook on life is positive and upbeat, and he makes the most of every day. His daughter is also imbued with the same spirit of not lying down to adversity and keeping connected - just getting on with life, in fact - whatever! They are both great role models.

Regarding the actual photograph, I love the neutral colours of their attire and the harmonious background of grey wallpaper and curtain which contribute to overall balance and harmony in the composition. I used the ambient electric light but muted the colours in iPhoto. I think this helps to convey the close family tie between father and daughter. The shutter speed was slow - only 1/15th, so they were posed on chairs placed together and I needed a steady hand with the iPhone camera.

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