Cat’s Bottom

I canned my plan to cycle in The Lakes as the weather window disappeared pretty much entirely. I nearly did nothing but gave myself a talking to and took inspiration from seeing photos from RSPB Snettisham of the knot murmurations. 

A quick investigation into where to stay found me near Cat’s Bottom. The queen keeps that quiet when she says she’s at Sandringham! I’m almost her neighbour right now.

There was no need to rush this morning apart from making sure there was space for the van at the car park. I dressed up warm, donned my new hat and walked slowly the couple of miles to the vantage point to wait for high tide. There was plenty to see and lots of people were already there. The only thing that wasn’t were the knots! 

They did put on a show or two from a distance but I suspect the tide needs to be a bit higher to force them closer in. You’d have been disappointed if you had no binocs or long lens today, that’s for sure. But the swirls I did see were lovely, particularly when they changed from black to white. I’m hoping one of my pictures might show that.

There were kestrels, geese, oyster catchers and egrets as well as some little shore birds that I’m never very good at - maybe turnstones (because they were turning stones!) and some LGJ. They all made for a very pleasant outing indeed. It’s a lovely reserve to visit.

I’ve since spruced the van up and chilled out.

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