By suehutton

A Bevy of Pumpkins

Uploaded an event to the RPS DIG website in the morning which gave me a satisfactory feeling. I took Basil out to Oakley Grange in the afternoon where we saw all these beautiful pumpkins. I bought two. Saved me going to the scrummage at Cattow's Farm.

As I had Basil, we had to sit outside and I opted for the cowshed. Inge said, 'It's all dusty and muddy!' Basil and I weren't bothered except that he abused his release from his lead to go and investigate the young lady dog in the sheltered area next door and I had to call him back.

Although I gave him a good stretch of lead to enable him to roam, he seemed to understand that he was under sufferance and stayed close by while I drank my latte and ate a good portion of cheese with biscuits and butter. Then we took a constitutional down to the road and back.

I wasted too much time trying to find out why no photos appeared on the SD card. I'd taken the card out of the wrong camera. It had already been formatted. Really pleased to find the photos ultimately.

We all went to Livio's Italian restaurant in the evening for a meal to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Basil seemed quite happy to rest and recuperate under the table. Livio turfed us out at 10 pm. Covid rules and regulations.

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