Pumpkins Galore

At Blackbrook Farm just five minutes away by car. Saves me a trek to Cattows Farm which as you may know, I'm not keen on because they don't welcome dogs. No problem at the farm today. Basil made friends with Dotttie straightaway, and after I'd bought my pumpkins, they said I could walk him round the farmyard.It's spick and span and very well kept.

I noticed an old railway bridge to the rear of the barns. I guessed right. The track of the old Shepshed railway passes through their yard so they've bought up that land since it closed. See extra.

Loads of wheelbarrows on hand to assist  in pumpkin collection and a lot of young people using them. I wouldn't say there were lots of people there but there was always somebody there. I hope these two young chaps keep the enterprise going another year. They'd decorated a tractor with a blowup orange snowman and white wispy material plus advertising on social media.

There were several varieties of pumpkin although it was mostly the big ones that were left. I was able to get different ones. The green ones are apparently the  most tasty.

On the way home, I saw a police check outside the Out of India restaurant on Ashby Road. A young blonde, surly looking man was being questioned. Several blue containers had been hauled out of a white SUV that had a 2020 registration. I wonder what that was about?

Len and I both did lateral flow tests this morning. Negative result. *relieved*

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