The Bass Rock

It has been a slow morning on yet another grey day.  I got stuck into my jigsaw and now only have all the background greenery to do.  That may take me a while.   I was just getting ready to head out to the bakery when TT declared he had finished for the day and we should head out somewhere, putting a spanner in my plans.    However it took him a while to get himself ready.  We eventually headed over to North Berwick and had a wander.  It was a little dampish at times, but generally ok, although grey.  It was quite clear when we got there, and visibility decreased and increased throughout the afternoon.  We could see rain across in Fife, but luckily we avoided it.  We picked up a lovely takeaway lunch which we enjoyed on the beach.  The boys were delighted with their choices.  Mine was ok. 
Once home  TT did some of my jigsaw, before taking  BB to football training.  I watched some TV and then caught up with some more mindless viewing (Love Life) on the iPlayer.
Today I mostly took 101 blips of the Bass Rock. The Isle of May, way in the distance also featured (extra). 

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