By Teasel

Sunshine At Last

The day looked promising and so much brighter than for over a week.  I did my jigsaw for a while and am making good progress with the birds and flowers.  I am not looking forward to the background which is all leaves in many shades of green.  While it was lovely to have some decent bright light it seemed a shame to be stuck in the housel  So after much nagging of BB – you’re not sitting in front of your Xbox all day, make your own breakfast, bring your washing down, clean up the mess you have just made…. and so on – I tried to persuade him to come out for some fresh air.  He was reluctant, then said he would go for a walk around by the nearby farm, so I said we could both do that.  He still didn’t move.  I had had enough and couldn’t wait any longer, so went out on my own and enjoyed a peaceful hour or so in the sunshine.

At lunchtime TT declared he was done for the say and we would go out somewhere for a walk in the sun.  BB was less than delighted as he had indeed gone out himself when I was out earlier, so had already walked today!  We had a lovely walk at Hopes.  The boys went right d=round the reservoir.  My knee was protesting so I didn’t go all the way round.
Once home it was back to my book, my jigsaw and some mindless TV.  I had my pyjamas on by 6.20pm.  I though it was much later as it was practically dark.  

Hopes Reservoir was looking great in the sunshine today.  The extras are from the walk. The final extra is of the autumnal trees by the rugby pitches, from my morning walk.

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