Soggy Sunflower

So much for being on holiday.  I had to get up early to give TT and his bike a lift.  It was a grim morning.  It had been pouring rain during the night and was still drizzling.  However by the time I got home, it seemed a wee bit brighter and although it was still a wee bit damp, I decided to go out for a morning walk.  It was then  home to do some tidying and jigsaw-ing.  The morning definitely got brighter and I think we even had some sun and blue sky at one point, though as ever it didn’t last very long.
I eventually persuaded BB that we should go out for lunch.  For a boy who loves his food, he wasn’t very keen.  We had to queue for a table, but the lunch was lovely and we bought some cakes to bring home.   I then dragged him for a  walk  through park to the river.  He then departed and I went for some shopping.
I came home to my jigsaw, a long phone call  about some family stuff and then I cooked tea.  My day really just seemed to disappear.
Later I watched a bit of the bake off.  I haven’t witched any of this series.  The showstopper challenge was a bit mad – a caged tart I think the challenge was.  Then I caught up with Life.
Not much in the way of blips today, apart from this soggy sunflower – still blooming in the garden.

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