By suehutton


This is the tree at the top of my drive. Follow this link to see how it looked last Monday morning. Then it had a full head of hair. Today, it's bald.

With the promise of a sunny day, I wanted to take Basil for a walk in Bradgate Park just in case there were any deer to be seen. We set out. The car park at Cropston was full with an attendant turning people away, as was the car park at Newtown Linford. The road into Anstey had been thronged with cars of people attending a Sunday morning football match.

Cars were parked wherever they could all along the road at Newtown Linford and up Sharply Hill. The Hunts Hill car park was a maelstrom. Patently no room there. So we turned round and came home.

Took a quiet walk down the hill to Buttercup Meadow taking photos of Autumn colour where I could. See extras.

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