Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yard Bird #44

Meet #44 for this year, the Yellow-rumped warbler.  This cheery little bird is a common fall visitor here in northern New Jersey, and even seen well into winter some years.  They have a large summer breeding range that goes all the way into northern Alaska, and are common winter residents in the southern US and Mexico.  And if you look in Extra, you will see exactly why they get their name.  

Hubs and I started the day with another mouse in the trap in the kitchen.  Yuck.  We also heard a chewing noise coming from inside one of the walls.  Honestly, hasn't 2020 given us enough?  Now we have to contend with mice in our house for the first time in 19 years???  More humane traps have been deployed.  And human nerves are just a bit frayed.

Meanwhile, we had a very nice chat with my parents this morning - not quite the same as being there, but it is so very nice to hear their voices.  They are doing as well as can be expected and continuing to take all precautions.  

And the USA now seems to be headed towards the worst Covid numbers yet.  I know that everyone is tired of this, tired of masks, tired of social restrictions, tired of being tired.  But throwing caution to the wind is not the answer.  People are dying - maybe not as many as in April and May, but is any number acceptable?  Would you wear a mask to save even one life?  I'd like to think so.  

Stay safe, people.  Be smart, stay the course.  


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