Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I have had a rather leisurely day - slept in, then had a nice long FT chat with my parents.  Then started downloading SD cards from my trip - still downloading...  Did I really need 500 600 700 pictures of a Motmot?  I'm definitely feeling quite tired and droopy today - a bit like this unidentified caterpillar eating my last montauk daisy.

Have also been texting with Jax's foster mom, Julia today.  She sent me the most adorable video of him playing with one of her other dogs.  I have been ordering toys, beds, toothbrush, brush, treats, etc. for him.  She is going to bring him to us Sunday morning which also allows her to do a home visit.  She's had him for about a month and they've both formed a strong bond with each other.  I know we'll have to spend a few  weeks getting him used to us (and the cats, who will be infuriated I'm sure).  Julia says he's almost fully potty trained, which is a big bonus.  And he's started teething, which means he'll be chewing everything.  

If you have a moment, please click HERE to see a back blip for Day 10 of my Colombia trip - the birds is stunning and definitely worth a look!

And I treated myself to something dark with caramel and sea salt today.


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