Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Colombia - Day 10

We departed at 0-dark-hundred and made the long drive to Medellin where we all got our required Covid tests to return to the US.  Lots of waiting around before we got the backs of our brains jabbed.  But results were delivered quickly and all Negative (no surprise since Cololmbia takes Covid precautions very seriously).  

We stopped for lunch and then arrived at our shooting location around 3 PM.  The lights goes fast in Colombia so we only had a couple of hours of shooting and not in optimum light.  Still, we saw some beautiful birds, including the magnificent Blue Winged Mountain Tanager featured here.  We also got some good lucks (albeit in very low light) of the stunning Andean Motmot.  I'll put two pics in Extra.

Back to check into our very nice hotel and a quick bowl of soup for me before bed.  Definitely running out of steam, but looking forward to one more day of shooting.

Back blipped.

Thank you for coming along with me!


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