By davidc

Autumn Colour at Low Force, Teesdale

I had a super socially-distanced day out with a couple of pals from the camera club. Travelling in separate cars we all arrived within 5 minutes of each other at Burnhope Reservoir to see if the dam spillway was in use following all the rain we've had (last time we went, on 2nd July, it had been too dry). We were in luck as you can see from the first extra. We'd left home in sunshine but when we arrived we had a torrential rainstorm (it was blowing a hooley too!) but at least that gave us a lovely (though very transient) rainbow when the sun peeped out (2nd extra).

After that we drove to Summerhill Force and then Low Force (as we also did back in July) to see it & its environs in autumn colours. The main blip shows Low Force a few minutes before the evening sun sank below the horizon. The 3rd extra shows a view from the back of Summerhill Force.

Naturally I took a lot more far too many photos - there's a few more on Google Photos, here.

Altogether a lovely day - even the drives each way, over the moors via Stanhope, provided superb views.

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