An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

British summertime ends...

So the clocks went back and I was looking forward to an extra hour of sleep but D put paid to that.  

Just before 2am (after the clocks had gone back) I was very rudely awoken by D shouting very loudly three times in a row,  HELP!  HELP!  HELP!  What a fright I got!  

I was lying on my side facing away from him and my immediate reaction was to turn and thump him with my right arm whilst yelling his name.  That woke him, and he had the cheek to say "what?"  When I told him what had happened he said "oh did I say that out loud?!  I was dreaming I was about to be murdered!"  Jeez!  No shit, Sherlock!  Then we both started laughing and couldn't stop, especially when we remembered Alan's support worker Vicki was on a sleepover downstairs!  Thankfully she never heard a thing.  The joy of living in a 120 year old house with solid stone walls!  lol) 

Of course D got back to sleep within minutes but that was me awake for the next hour and a half.  Typical.

Today we had planned a drive up to Loch Tummel and photograph the autumn colour from the Queen's View then continue along to Tummel Bridge and then back home via Aberfeldy and the Sma' Glen, but as the weather took a turn for the worst as we headed up the A9, we left the A9 earlier and headed to Aberfeldy via Grandtully (we resisted stopping at The Highland Chocolatier) and on to Loch Tay at Kenmore.  

By the time we arrived at Kenmore the rain was bouncing and there was no way I was getting out of the car.  Even putting the window down to get shots of the loch ended up in me getting soaked.  I left the house with straight hair and returned with curly!  The scenery was still spectacular though and the River Tay was very high (extra.)

We decided to take the scenic route home (to be fair all the routes open to us are scenic) via Glen Quaich.  I

 did think this would be our last run over that way this year as it's not a road you want to drive in the winter, especially with ice on the road, but if we do manage to get away to the little cottage at Killin in November and the weather is good, we will drive that way again.  Keeping everything crossed.

Glen Quaich was very dreich but still beautiful.  We even bumped into (thankfully not literally) a VW Camper can (extra) which suited the surroundings perfectly.   Loch Tay and the little fisherman's hut certainly looked different from our last visit in August :-)

Home in time for coffee and a rare treat of plain digestive biscuits sandwiched together with butter.  We know how it live!  hahahahaha!

Lazy evening eating dinner and watching Top Gear.  I really like the new incarnation of it.  

Monday again tomorrow and there's no getting away from it.  I really must start getting my head around Christmas.  So disorganised this year.  The sprouts usually go on at the end of September!  ;-))

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