Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Food shop


I haven't blipped this view for quite a while! ;)

So, the big thing today was a noticeable reduction in the swelling in my ankle. It's making walking a bit quicker easier. My foot is still swollen, so I'm wondering when are these tablets going to kick in and do their job...

As we didn't do the food shop yesterday, we got ready and headed to Festival City. Breakfast in IKEA preceded the shop, which didn't take too long but it was still long enough! No drama at the till as the prices were all correct (for a change).

We got home and spent the rest of the day in our respective offices until it was time for T@3. I'm so glad we got to it as Graham, one of the vicars, went over to visit Gwen who is weeks away from turning 102. He logged into the meeting from her home so she could see us. It was GREAT! :))) Technology at its best!

You're probably tired of hearing me mention how much I love the flower shop in this mall. It had pink flowers on display - which is why I whipped my camera out to get this shot. Could I ask you please to click on this link to help towards cancer research and care? Thank you.

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