Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2129. New mask!

Well it has been a pretty full on appointment at the dental hygienist first thing and told that my teeth are in pretty good shape so that’s a bit of good news.
Walked into town and had a wee cuppa with hubby who had to take some boots to be heeled and whilst we were in the cobblers I saw a lovely lady making masks...and what an unusual design they were too...I love the way they had a panel top and bottom for your nose and your chin and the real plus was that the top panel cuts down on my glasses getting steamed up as I’m wearing it!  She could make your choice of fabric too and add bling if you so desired!  I bought this one as I do like a bit of animal print and what a beautifully made mask it is...comfortable but substantial too and as I think we will be wearing them for some time to come yet, it’s good having a  supply of them!

Once we got home I took a very tearful phone call from my step daughter who had taken in a rescued cat last week and had been having a few issues with it over the weekend.  Yesterday it bit my grandson and drew blood and then started biting everyone and generally behaving quite viciously without any provocation at all...just wondered up to them and attacked...not what you’d expect from a normal 8 month old cat.  
She spoke to the vet who was very worried about how the cat was behaving and suggested that it wasn’t really suitable to have it in a family with children if it was attacking people.  
She contacted the charity who rehomed the cat with her and they came out straight away.  They had thought that the cat had been feral prior to them taking it in as it was found wandering outside but had only been kept in a pen and hadn’t been inside before they took him in.  It seemed sociable enough but was clearly very stressed being indoors and seemed to be hyper-vigilant rather than super confident (which was what the charity had suggested).  They were very concerned when she reported what had transpired and agreed to take the cat away immediately...but she was so upset and was worried that the kids would be too....thankfully the charity had a kitten that was ready for rehoming which they had reared themselves as the mother was brought into their care pregnant and they were confident that the kitten would be fine.  So the kitty was delivered this afternoon before my grandson returned home from school and although he was very upset that the other cat had gone he was delighted that they had a new one!  The kitten is very tiny (only 10 weeks old) and has apparently spent the afternoon hiding under the TV!  I’m sure he’ll come out eventually and will get along fine...I hope so and I may even get a photo of him eventually too!

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