Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2128. Animal Crossing!

A morning of housework then we decided to stay in after lunch as neither of us could be bothered to get dressed and go a day of wearing jammies for us both!

I am still playing my Animal Crossing game on my Switch and thoroughly enjoying playing it too...I have capacity for about 1600 items in the storage in my house (it’s very complicated!) but I try to keep it below 1000 as I never know what else I need to collect to make stuff in the game...and there are collections of things that I just keep because you can’t just buy them or find them again.  I just need to find a spot to display them in the here is my DAL shop (Dodo Airlines)....I know it’s a bit sad that a grown woman like me would enjoy this sort of thing...but only those who have ever played Animal Crossing would understand!  I took a photo of my new “shop” in my game to send to my son and my eldest offspring as they both play the game too and we often exchange stuff and eldest offspring is building a grave yard in their game at the moment....they are into all things pagan....
So as this is the only photo I have taken had to be my Blip.  I spoke to my youngest yesterday about his course and what he might do for his final project next year and as it’s a programming course he’s doing I suggested that he look at the developer tools available with Blipfoto and perhaps build a tool that allows MacOS users to download their entire journal, I have seen a few tools available to do this but none that seem to work perfectly on a Mac and as a Mac user it would be nice to be able to describe exactly what I would like to see in such a tool.  He’s going to take a look at it and see if it would be possible to do....

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