Everyday Life

By Julez

Official Black Cat Day 2020

So I had to Blip Minstrel, didn't it? I'd put the rug up on the sofa to do yoga  and Minstrel settled himself on it. He thinks we put the rug on the floor upside down as he definitely prefers to lie on this side. 

Often when I do yoga he tries to join in - it is much easier when he just sits and watches like he did today. Though I think he was attempting a pose of his own here - he called it "reclining kitten" but I thought "slug pose" might be more accurate.

Brian said Minstrel enjoyed watching leaves blowing around outside today so he brought one in for him to play with it for a little while. I don't think it was as much fun as it looks like it might be when they are blowing outdoors though!

I have been over to my parents today instead of tomorrow as the weather tomorrow looks better than today's constant rain. We have booked to visit the grounds of Belton House tomorrow. I've been there before with Jeri and the boys - it's got great scenery and apparently there are deer!

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