A day in the life

By Shelling


"Kråketorp", 'Crows croft' was a small stop along the narrow-gauge railroad connecting the small communities north to south on Öland during a period of 60 years. It was built for transporting people, crops, timber and  other goods locally on the island but never had any connection with the mainland. The economy was never very good so after a troublesome period after the war, it was shut down 1961.

All the rails are gone and today much of it is used as roads, like here by Kråketorp, as cycling or walking paths. Some of it has been ploughed into farmland or has been gradually forested. Tourism is very important for the island and there now exist a (almost) complete cycle path from the north lighthouse to the south along the west coast, 150 km long. In future there are plans for another one along the east coast.

Slow day today in the damp but mild weather. In the morning I had a student (or whatever to call him, he's in my own age), which is always great fun. At the moment I only have three students who comes whenever they have the urge of learning new things. 

The evening was spent together with a few friends and neighbours because of another football game, this time it was our swedish national ladys team who played against the Icelandic team. Even though I'm not interested in the sport, I'm interested in the possibility of socialising with some nice people. "We" won the match.

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