By carliewired

Rounding the Curve

Slices of batik
Stitched and batted and bound with 
more - such easy work!

~ carliewired

I have to go look for another snow shovel today. I will want an aluminum shovel for the driveway and keep the light-weight plastic one for the deck. So much ice formed after the first snow fall on Friday and I dare not attack it with the only one I have. I have a feeling we're in for a snowy, cold winter so I'd like to be well prepared. It's warming up this week so we've been given a reprieve. Perhaps the ice will just melt away and spare me the effort of removing it. 

I have my wee quilt done except for the binding which I will work on this evening when I'm back in my recliner. I do love the dance of batiks mixed together. This is a bright one. 

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