By carliewired

Waiting for the Sun

I missed the colour
of sunrise, but I waited
for sunshine to show

~ carliewired

It was another too early start to my day. I had two deliveries to make this morning so I left the house at 6:45 to pick up breakfast and some groceries first. It was 5 C, clear and calm, but still dark. 

Deliveries made, I drove over to Schubert Drive along the North Thompson River to wait on the sun. It was hiding behind a large bank of low cloud in the east. I wanted those golden rays shining on the yellow cottonwoods. I sat in my car to wait as the wind came up and blew the fallen leaves in every direction. 

Finally, there was that brightness I was looking for!  I walked a short length along the Rivers Trail to peek around trees and look to the far shore. I could see a traffic tie up on the Halston Bridge to the north. There were a pair of trumpeter swans wading in the shallows across the river. I left my quilted heart on a bench not far from the school. I ran out of patience and headed for home.

We can expect a sunny morning with increasing cloud this afternoon. A high of 14 C is forecast. 

There's is absolutely nothing that is required of me today. I can handle that! 

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