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Meet Monty

Today I had a lovely socially distanced walk with Jos and her puppy, Monty. He is a flat coated retriever and, at 8 months, is already a sizeable dog. They had been to a dog training class so he was fairly tired. My internet search reveals that as a breed these are delightful dogs, but they require a lot of exercise and are do not do well if they are left alone. They are very friendly and full of joie de vivre.

I did as instructed and ignored him when we met. He was able to cope with that and it was half way through the walk before I stroked him.

The shape of his legs indicates (I'm told) that he has more growing to do, so it is vital that he is well trained and well behaved. Jos is working very hard with him and I'm sure her efforts will be rewarded in due course.

We were in Crow Wood and met two lots of people we know. First it was Mary and Chris Wilson, en route to measure the water quality in the burn for the Tyne Rivers Authority. Then Margret (next door) arrived. She had been for a good walk along the river bank.

This afternoon, Mum and I watched The Great British Bake Off. I'm sure I won't be trying the Japanese recipes but it was fun watching. I find that I become rather tense towards the end of the programme. (I want Peter to win, but he does seem to have a hard time with the judge, PH. Just saying.)

Had Facetime with Julie tonight. Always good to catch up, but it would be better face to face!

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