By dunkyc


We had been to Seahouses before and had enjoyed Fish n Chips from Neptunes following a walk along the beach.

Our return to it this year was very different with an area in Tier 3 of Covid restrictions packed with tourists just like us. The beach was busy, there were long queues outside the public toilets with similar wait times for the aforementioned national dish. Whether one queue was as a direct consequence of the other is not for me to say...

Fortunately, we were able to find a quiet corner to ourselves and I was able to marvel at the effects millions of years of erosion had had on the rock formation and surface (the children were understandably less enthused, choosing instead to hurl stones into the sea and seaweed at each other).

We broke from a nice walk along the busy beach and dodging waves to have a cup of pre-prepared hot chocolate. The Youngest went off by herself for a few minutes and m’boy and I smiled together as we watched her disappear off into a little world of her own.

Car picnic, games in the caravan, playground, swim, puppet show with teddies and belated pizza in front of Autumn Watch may have all followed thereafter.

I’ve decided that on balance, not being at work and spending precious uninterrupted time with my children is preferable to being at work and spending too much time on things that don’t actually matter all that much.

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