Big day for wee Phin

I had an appointment this afternoon to go to the Apple shop to buy a new iPad - with student discount courtesy of Miss PHL and the trade in on my old one, I saved almost £200 on the cost of a new one. We took the puppy with us and Mr PHL walked him along Princes St until we found out dogs were welcome so a quick text later and they cage and joined us. It was pretty wet today but luckily we had taken towels so we were able to dry wee Phin before we got back in the car. He was nit keen on the crowds and the traffic in the centre of town so will need to socialise him there again soon. Sooner the better as after today’s announcements although we are currently in the same tier as Edinburgh (tier 3) that could change as their numbers are lower than Midlothian. We’ve been advised that from Monday as 6am we shouldn’t leave our health area.

I was fortunate that I avoided the rain when out for my walk this morning - 2 days to go for my charity challenge, fundraising overall is a shade under £200K with my contribution a tidy £600 so I’m pretty pleased with my efforts.

Home via the pet superstore to buy him a wee jacket (photos to follow once we get him to wear it without trying to eat it) and it was time to set up the iPad. Despite having working in IT for 36 years, I hate trying to setup the hew technology. The backup I made yesterday to iTunes is on an old laptop so wouldn’t connect and therefore restore to the new iPad. After exhausting my limited knowledge I called in Mr PHL and after a few fraught minutes, Miss PHL had the bright idea of using the iPhone iCloud backup and it worked! Phew!

Couple of extras of the puppy - Miss PHL gave him an old Eyore of hers and he loves it - that and hiding under the side table (which is a precursor to eating the kegs!!)

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