Penultimate day

Very windy last night and I kept waking up and thinking that our recycling bin had blown over (it hadn’t) but it contributed to several periods of wakefulness. I put one of those to good use and caught up on blip journals.

Met my friend Susan fir a socially distanced walk round the Cammo estate (north east Edinburgh) weather was kind to us and we enjoyed our brunch at a bake house in Corstorphine very much. Given our current restrictions as Susan lives alone we’ve decided to form a social bubble so that’s she’s not totally isolated.

Home to tackle the downstairs of the house as the dog hair has reached a critical mass! Meanwhile Miss PHL took Phin with her to meet a friend for a walk. They didn’t walk far but he came back totally wiped out.

Last day of the walk challenge tomorrow and I’ve walked more than 210km since the start of October with my fundraising page total at a massive £670. I’m so pleased to have been able to raise so much money for a charity I hold very dear by doing something I like to do namely walking!

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