By TonyG

From East to West

After an overnight stay with our friends in Shropshire, we finally made it home at lunchtime today.   A welcome sight as we pulled up was the new shed in the final stages of construction.   Built by a handyman neighbour while we were away, it will provide much needed storage space when the big remove arrives from Norfolk and going forward will be an essential store for bikes and wheelchairs ..... and stuff!

After unloading the car and an appointment for Jamie at the Health Centre, I had to head off to the pharmacy.   The sunset sky was colourful from west to east so I pulled over to grab a shot of the northern sky from behind the high street.  By the time I got to the pharmacy the western sky, post-sunset was dramatic -extra pic - so I shot off to the seafront for a better view.    It was quite stunning, reflected in the water ..... but on pulling out my phone for a blip-shot I found the battery had died :-(   It did not spoil my sense of wonder though and a passing friend whose battery was fully charged promised to send me a pic later.   

So yesterday a sunrise in the East and today a sunset in the West.   Happy to be Home.

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