By JackyMT

A large pond

Went to fairburn ings again but took a different walk. This area used to be open caste coal mines now the RSPB manage it. This is just one of the depressions left which is home to a lot of birds.

It was a bit nostalgic because we used to walk this walk with Maddy and in other places there are small pools that she used to have a swim in.

Its been very mild today. I have been making Halloween things to hang in the tree. I have drawn witches cats and bats and stuck them on old CDs drilled a hole in the top and will hang them in the tree. I am leaving sweets outside of the gate with a notice "trick or treat take a sweet"

We are going into tier 3 on Monday was hoping for a garden visit from family but now thats scuppered.

I did hear Christmas will be delayed because Santa will have to do 14 days quarantine before he can deliver. Maybe even in all the countries he visits so could be next April lol

Happy weekend.

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