Another busy day.  TT was off to work and I popped out for my pre-work walk early to make sure that I was back in time to ensure that BB got out to school in time.  Work was busy, as it has been all week.  I had a couple of meetings which felt like therapy sessions where people were reflecting on working from home for seven months and continuing to work from home with no light at the end of the tunnel.  We did not underestimate the impact of this continued uncertainty and the anxieties that result from that.
As has been the case for the past few weeks, I have had calls that have gone on late, meaning that BB has to go to football training filled with toast, as I have had no time to feed him.  Not the end of the world as he then eats like a horse when he returns home.  He was less than chuffed as he had to walk to football training, in the rain, as TT had the car.
I had a wee walk in the dark to make up my daily steps.  I spotted a few pumpkins and other Halloween paraphernalia.
This scene of dereliction is at a former psychiatric hospital which I have been walking past on my pre-work walks. The art in yesterday's blip is in the grounds of the new hospital.

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