Production line

About 50 rows to go on each now so the finishing line is in sight.  

Leo had been out all day as he’d had a birthday sleepover at a mate’s house so the house was very quiet.  

Ian and I have been binge watching Line of Duty.  We’d missed it all when it originally aired so we have a fair few series to get through.  We’ll have even more time for TV now that Leo’s footie will be curtailed for a bit until the football club can reopen.  Given Saturday’s weather I am rather glad that his game was cancelled - that will save a soaking.

And the life changing discovery of the day? Ian bought me a toblerone and I remembered seeing a video about it being easier to snap the pieces backwards instead of forwards. I gave it a go - what a marvel! Only taken me 50 years to find and employ that technique.  Must say that I prefer the M&S mountain bar version though - much creamier!

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