The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

If I know what rain is, it's because of Ilfracombe

(Unfortunately I can't change the words on the collage).

First day in Ilfracombe. To start with, we discovered the cheap shops, reminiscent of towns such as Oban in the 1980s, and the cinema. They were to be showing a film-of-the-play of Uncle Vanya that evening. It was filmed in July, performed to an empty house in London's theatreland. We filed the information, and continued to explore the harbour and the town. We managed to buy a vintage wooden jigsaw for just £1, and had lunch in a socially distanced restaurant. The use of hazard tape for social distancing is commonplace in Ilfracombe, and most alarming.

Back at the guest house, I had a very strong reaction to the chilli I had eaten. My guts went nuclear! However, I eventually recovered, and was able to do the jigsaw (difficult, as there was no picture on the box and all the white bits looked similar ) and book tickets for Uncle Vanya, showing for one night only.

We bussed to town, and entered the small, socially distanced cinema, where the play kept me mesmerised for several hours. Do go and see it of you have the chance. The use of cello music was highly effective, I thought. The plight of the characters, frozen and trapped in time, place and poverty, makes it relevant to our CoVid times.

Afterwards we walked by the wild, splashing waves, getting our faces sprayed, went to Lidl (again) and caught the bus back up the hill to the B and B. What an excellent evening! So glad to have finally made it back to the cinema and to almost-live-streamed theatre. I have missed it so much.

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