Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Once again, the rain is coming down in biblical proportions and you can hardly see out of our windows so instead of being outside for my last Pinktober Blip, we had to stay inside. It was quite something setting up the tripod with the iPhone holder and then finding the remote but then, of course, if I was holding the remote in pink-gloved hands, I couldn’t have both hands in the air - it was quite a challenge to get it all set up, but as you know, I do like a challenge!

I also wanted to use in the shot a couple of the things I haven’t used during Pinktober, namely a packet of Percy Pig sweets and a pack of pink wafers. It was then that Mr HCB came into his own. He suggested that he used his pink Wilco gloves, held the two packets up, but hid behind me and then he wouldn’t even have to be in the shot!

With that sorted, we then had to decide what to have as a backdrop and it’s quite difficult in a large conservatory with windows all round and we don't actually have any plain walls anywhere else, but between us Team HCB managed it.  

So here is my "Swansong for Silly Saturday" in fond memory, of course, of our dear Blip friend, Admirer. I’m sure that she would’ve giggled when she saw this, at least I hope she would.

As I’ve said before, it’s been quite difficult finding something pink every day especially because we’ve been "confined to barracks" for most of the month. However, I have managed it along with many others and I particularly want to mention euniceM, a Blip Friend who said that she would never be able to find something pink every day but she has really stepped up to the mark and I applaud her for it.  I was particularly jealous when she found a PINK skip lorry, which really did deserve a Gold Star - or perhaps even a Pink one!

Please remember to click on this link so that those who cannot afford to pay for a mammogram and they have one free. You don’t have to just click on this during Pinktober, but you can click on it all year round and there are many other charities that you could help if you do that. It just means you need to put a reminder on your phone and then you’re away.  

It looks as if a total lockdown could be on the cards in the UK - so please keep well, stay safe and have a good weekend.

And once the storm is over,
     you won’t remember 
          how you made it through,
               how you managed to survive.
You won’t even be sure
     whether the storm is really over.
But one thing is certain - 
     when you come out of the storm,
          you won’t be the same person
               who walked in.
That’s what this storm is all about.”
Haruki Murakami

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