By PicturePoems


Pumpkin in her pumpkin hat
set out on Hallowe'en.
She wondered where the witches were,
and bats - none to be seen:

No bats, no witches anywhere,
and not one eerie sound,
but Pumpkin in her pumpkin hat
was pleased the moon was round.

"The moon is round. The moon is full -
as orange as it's bright,"
said Pumpkin in her pumpkin hat,
this late October night.

And when, at last, she fell asleep
her dreams were filled with bats
and witches on their broomsticks
and pumpkins in their hats.

© Celia Warren 2020

What a wonderful full moon tonight! So orange and bright and fully visible in between spells of cloud-cover. Our family has asked us to stay and support them during lockdown. Oh dear! We'll just have to put up with them - and see yet more of our gorgeous little grand-daughter!!! It's a good job we all get on well.

See my Extra for an unadulterated view of the full moon.

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