By suehutton

All that remains...

Remember two weeks ago this tree had a full head of leaves? This is what remained this morning. They're still blowing in the wind.

I thought I'd left my osteoporosis treatment behind. Not so. Today I started on alendronic acid again for at least three years, if I survive that long. Since the treatment requires that I neither drink nor eat anything else for at least 30 minutes and must remain upright in that time, it seemed a good opportunity to take Basil out for a walk. He was keen.

We ambled round the estate and headed to Colin's, who wasn't there. He must have gone to church. I sat on a chair in the yard and checked my phone for updates and took one or two photos. Basil was disappointed because Colin always gives him treats.

Back home, the day was blighted by technology glitches. It turned out that Len's phone didn't have mobile data switched on by default. He'd bought train tickets on Trainline and couldn't display them except when he was in reach of wifi. We've sorted that one out.

And then my printer refused to print, yet again. A wifi connection problem. Finally got that fixed.

I hadn't forgot Halloween, just hadn't managed to get round to photographing it. Some pumpkins have super shapes and textures. First pic in extras.

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