a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Language Skillz

When I first saw this, I had in mind the chap from the Monty Python sketch Large Richard (you will be familiar with the Latin translation which involves a shortened form of Richard), but then as I started to take the shot I realised that I needed to include the black board. I am sure that if you are a native English speaker you can see why...

At which stage I was immediately transported to the scene in the same movie (familiar to anyone who has struggled with verb tenses in a foreign language) where John Cleese, playing a Roman Centurion who has apprehended the graffiti writing Brian (Graham Chapman) how to correctly write "Romans go home in Latin".

This sign is about to be put into storage, as of course Restaurants (or Resturants) are about to become a thing of the past for November.

On the subject of the lockdown, if you had been doing "Sober October" (i.e. giving up alcohol in October), with a view to then going out and being able to feel virtuous while you had a view few bevies in November you might be a bit aggrieved now.  I saw a reference in the paper the other day to Sober October being followed by "Can't Remember November".  I suppose that's one response to lockdown ... 

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