By dunkyc

Home work

I won’t lie. Seven days straight with the children on my own has left me a little weary to say the least. Full time single parents: my cap is well and truly doffed to you.

The Eldest bathed the wee ones last night to allow me to watch Boris waffle on (going back to work tomorrow will be double fun now) and I was glad of the assistance, God love her.

It’s been a cracking week with some truly lovely, funny, frustrating and farty high jinks. Shattered as I am, still I dread the silence of tomorrow and will fill it with graft and music.

On which note, after helping the children with their homework and getting some chores done, we had a bit of chill out time in front of the fire and I spent a little time on the book pictured here with the women’s FA Cup final on in the background.

The theory side really is like learning a new language, but little by little I think it is starting to sink in. Looks like I’m going to have some more time to devote to it anyway.

I’m also going to make sure my free weekends aren’t wasted by getting the front room painted. Judging by the queue outside B&Q this morning, I’m not the only one getting prepped for some lockdown DIY!!

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