By dunkyc

Pigeons learn faster...

Despite the fact that I will be seeing the children again on Wednesday as we fall back into our usual routine, it was hard to see them go today.

The house was silent again for a little while, but I pulled myself together, spoke to a few colleagues and cracked on with work. Unsurprisingly, it was a busy day and again, all of the businesses I spoke to were nervous and uncertain about their future (aren’t we all).

On the plus side, decisions have been made about Christmas and I’m looking forward to having a Christmas Day at home with my children (and a Boxing Day to recover!)

My day was finished off nicely with a final face to face music lesson (for a while at least) and earning a sticker for beginning my journey into music theory - I’ll take a win wherever I can find it! Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep lessons going over a video call as I’m keen to keep things moving.

Judging by the pillaging of the toilet roll aisle in Asda, I’m not the only one keen to keep things moving.

We have learned nothing.

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