Life on the go

By BarryBadcock

Learning a New Skill

Learning a New Skill - In the past I would have joined 'wood together' with Biscuits, Dowels,  Lap joints, Butt Joints or (a really long time ago) a Dovetail joint. So with this new Teddy Bear Shelving Project I thought I would investigate the world of 'Pocket Holes'. This method is the choice of many home DIY'ers and a lot of manufactures.  A friend of mine bought me a hand Pocket Hole Jig last Christmas. So today I thought I would give it a whirl. I started by watching a couple of YouTubes to get the basics. I became  very concerned after watching these videos that I would have to purchase a more advanced Pocket Hole Maker that included depth settings and a clamp. But I was strong with myself and said 'No'. I found some scrap wood and started. The jig I have has very poorly written instructions but I persevered. After two attempts I managed to create a half decent job and was quite pleased. See picture. Sue popped in to see what and how I was doing. She had half listened to the YouTubes with me earlier today. She said 'That's not bad, but I do think you really need one of those fancy jigs'. What more can a boy do, I found the one I wanted on Amazon and it comes tomorrow :)

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