Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Mono Monday

The theme being "circles and curves" and my interpretation being a bit loose...there is a hint of a bokeh circle in the upper left and the owlish-looking finch is a curvy.  Voila!  And I needed a different variation for what is probably, for many of you, becoming a bit of a boring theme of little brown pine siskins.  

I had an adventure today - I ate at an indoor restaurant for the first time since early this past winter!  I met up with two friends (the President of the county chamber of commerce and our estate planning attorney) - pre-pandemic, we used to get together for lunch every 6 weeks or so.  One of them reached out to me over the weekend to see if I'd be up for meeting for lunch, but that we'd have to be indoors due to the weather (wind gusts to 40 mph and temps in the high 30's F.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it, so reserved the right to leave if it felt uncomfortable or unsafe.  I am happy to say that the place did an excellent job of keeping all the tables far, far apart and everyone was masked until food/beverages were served.  The three of us sat at a large table with lots of space in between us and had a really enjoyable time.  It was so nice to catch up with both of them.  

Other than that, I've not much to show for the day although I did manage quite a few pics, some through the window and some outside braced against the house.  No sign of the Evening Grosbeaks today - not surprising, but still a small disappointment.  However, there were 30-40 pine siskins and that certainly made things lively.  Some of them are amazingly tame, allowing me to walk right up to within a foot while they are eating.  Such tiny, brave little creatures.

Tomorrow is the Big Day, finally.  I have such a high level of anxiety about this election and, frankly, I just want it to be over.  I have a lot of concern that it will drag on for weeks, that we will have civil unrest, that if "he" is beaten he won't go quietly, that the level of anger and hatred won't abate. I also fear another four years under this president.  

Stay safe, be kind.


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