By carliewired

Fish 'n Chips

Lunch with a friend is
now an unusual treat...
and comes with some risk

~ carliewired

It is interesting to note what restaurants have done to meet the protocol set by government. We met in a seafood restaurant today. There are plexiglass screens positioned strategically and the waitress wears a face shield but not a mask under it. Patrons are positioned with appropriate spacing. The keypad for one's payment is wrapped in clear plastic. The meal was delicious. 

I saw a man on the sidewalk riding a skateboard. Is that a cane he's carrying? He was tapping the ground with it. 

Last stop was the fabric store. I couldn't find my thimble. I had to settle for a plastic one as the store is rather scant on some items at the moment. We're all at home making things so stock is low! 

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