Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

a wee surprise pumpkin

Another gorgeous day…perhaps the last one for awhile.   :-)    Very fine day.  Grocery store to “fill the larder,” walk, lentil soup made,  and then a lovely few hours sitting with an iPad drawing project in my chair with the last 2 acts of Phillip Glass’ Satyagraha opera streaming  (a different opera every night, free) from the Met on the TV.   I’ve seen it before but H hadn’t so we started it last night.   It feels like an epic timeless story of Gandhi and was so creatively done.    

Cannot put any news on… it’s nail biting time…

Oh, the blip.  Just playing with some of the leaves seen on our walk and my pumpkin in front of our house (I did put out some candy on halloween and lit the skull, but I think the birds ate the candy. in the morning)   The puppet creature is from the opera.  The little painted rock was a gift from a woman I have seen walking her dog around the neighborhood but do not know.    I caught her just after she stealthily put it there yesterday, but she was on her way quickly.    Isn’t that a kind and wonderful gesture?   I’ll catch her sometime to talk to…  I love her painted rock! 

Extra…I think these are gingko trees…pretty spectacular on a sunny blue sky day. 

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