A time for everything

By turnx3

Twin Creek Metro Park

...and the wait goes on! At least Biden got a couple of encouraging results, which of course Trump is contesting, but he still needs more. Talk about a close race! Though for me, it shouldn’t be a close race - I don’t understand how people with any conscience and decency can vote for him! Our little spell of Indian summer continues - up to 70F today - so we distracted ourselves by going out for quite a long hike - just over 6 miles. It was a new trail for us, one that I had noticed come up several times recently on the Cincinnati Hikers Facebook page. Twin creek Metropark is located near Germantown Ohio, northeast of Middletown, about 40 minutes drive from home - so not too far. it was a great trail, including a.variety of terrain, from fields to creek side to woodland, with several short but quite steep climbs onto ridges, and at one point offering quite a good view of the surrounding agricultural land. There were quite a number of American beech trees around, and the mid to late afternoon sun shining through their gorgeous bronze leaves was so beautiful. It was a great hike and we will definitely be back - I don’t know how we’ve not come across it before! There are several other hikes in the area too, so we have some other new trails to explore.

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