Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Darkness and light

At the beginning of this week there were three major events we were hoping would reach a happy conclusion, only one of which we had any control over.  Two have turned out well to huge relief for all involved, the other still hangs in the balance as I write this on Thursday afternoon.

On a lighter note, the extra depicts the Caped Canine enjoying the morning sunshine on the top of Arnside Knott (520 feet above the main picture).  There is at least one person who has been looking out for a blip of him, and I shall endeavour to give him top of the bill shortly, but for now at least there is an extra.  Here he has his cape on, whereas during his evening dark walk, the scamp managed to slough it off, unnoticed by me until we got home.  That meant a walk back through the woods to just about the furthest point from home to find it.

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